About DancEdge Academy

Who we are

At DancEdge Academy, our training will give you an edge to perform better, both in class and on stage. 

Drawing on the foundations of dance anatomy and kinesiology, we will equip you with skills to work effectively and efficiently. 


We aim to foster safe dance practices while encouraging free expression in a fun and engaging environment. Our teaching philosophy is designed to awaken the potential of each student that walks through our doors. We want you to leave us a better person, a better dancer. 


In the words of Martha Graham, “The body says what words cannot." DancEdge Academy will give you a voice to speak volumes beyond words.

Modern Ballet Dancers
DancEdge Academy Logo

Our Logo

Our logo was created to be more than just the face of the school.

The layers of purple were designed to look like a chiffon skirt - a garment commonly worn by ballet dancers - with each layer representing a different value which the school upholds:

A maroon crescent completes the logo, signifying a young academy with big dreams, and also forms the letter 'D' which represents Dance.

DancEdge Academy is all about ensuring our students L.O.V.E. Dance, in a safe space that unleashes their full potential, giving them the edge to perform better.