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Adult Ballet

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) was designed to train muscle memory and to promote key muscle activation to achieve the best training one can receive. PBT is a system for understanding how your body moves, what muscles are doing what, and how they work together. This knowledge will help you feel more confident in your dance technique, find out where your strengths lie, and identify areas of improvement.


Beginner Ballet
This class is designed for those who have never had any formal training before or just want some refreshers on proper technique. The series covers posture, alignment, arm movements, leg movements, turns and jumps. Expect detailed explanations of how to engage the various muscle groups to initiate movement in a class setting that encourages you to discover how your body moves.

Ballet Foundation
Suitable for students who have attended our Introduction to Ballet course, or are looking for a class to go back to basics with. These classes focus on working with movement vocabulary that is used in a standard ballet class setting, and also include exercises and drills designed to help you build strength, flexibility, coordination and musicality.

Wednesday - 7:15pm

(1 hour)

No prior dance background required


(1 hour 15minutes)

Suitable for students with
little/no dance background



(1 hour 15minutes)

Suitable for students who have basic knowledge of ballet fundamentals.


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