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Contemporary dance is a form of dance that doesn’t follow traditional ballet lines and encourages one to move and express themselves more freely. It’s often seen as a way for people to break out of the norms society has placed on them, which can be liberating.

Introduction to Contemporary*
This 8-week course introduces students to movements that are commonly used in our COREography Contemporary classes. Students will be encouraged to explore how their bodies move through short improvisation segments, while learning basic elements of floor work, spinal articulation, and weight-shift which are then incorporated into short movement sequences.

*follow us here for upcoming courses

Contemporary Foundation
The Contemporary Foundation class is a technique-only class, focusing on building the foundation of movement vocabulary used in contemporary dance. This class is suitable for students who have completed our Introduction to Contemporary Course, or are looking for a class to go back to basics with.

Progressing Contemporary Technique (PCT)
Progressing Contemporary Technique (PCT) is an innovative programme that was created in conjunction with Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT). The aim of this programme is to help you achieve a sense of moving with resistance, but never with tension. PCT focuses on activating muscle groups through a process of utilizing resistance and strength training. In addition to the benefits for dancers, this technique can also be applied to other activities such as yoga or pilates!

Saturday - 1:00pm


(1 hour 15minutes)

Suitable for students with
little/no dance background
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