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Learn Better. Feel Better. Dance Better

Our commitment is to foster an inclusive and

joy-filled learning environment, welcoming individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Check out our classes and reserve a trial class!

DancEdge Academy is conveniently located opposite Vivo City and provides classes for everyone. Our fully equipped studio also features a sprung dance floor to prevent injuries.


We provide individuals with opportunities to showcase their artistic talents through annual concert performances and active participation in dance competitions.

About Us


What Our Students Say


Adult Beginner Ballet

"The Beginner’s Ballet class really goes in depth in the foundation of ballet. It helped me master the basics of ballet which is crucial. Ms Liz really pushed me to my limits and corrected every mistake I made. She stands out from other dance teachers as she is more approachable and she will work on your weakness. Furthermore, her classes are enjoyable and it gives me the motivation to continue with the classes! :>"


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