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Our Academy

DancEdge is a new edge dance academy that utilitses a multi-disciplinary approach to teach and inspire anyone who wants to dance.

Our teachers draw on the foundations of dance and kinesiology, coupled with stage and performance experience to equip our students with the best learning experience to achieve their dance goals.

We pride ourselves in developing out students' key technical skills, musicality, confidence and strong mental fortitude. These are the qualities we believe will give our students an edge to be the best dancer they can be.

Our Vision

A promise to create a safe space that is free of judgement.

A place for you to discover yourself.

A commitment to helping you learn, feel and dance better.

Our Team

Discover the joy of dance with our dynamic team of experienced instructors. From classical to contemporary styles, our passionate teachers cater to all levels and ages, fostering individual growth and creativity.

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Elizabeth Lee

Founder & Principal

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Tammy Tan

Ballet Teacher

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Angeline Choong

Ballet Teacher

Our Events

From lively concerts to spirited competitions, each occasion is a key to unlocking our students’ dance potential. Beyond performances, these events foster confidence, friendship, and artistic expression, shaping a holistic dance journey. Join our vibrant dance family, where every step is a celebration of growth and passion. 


At DancEdge, we go beyond the ordinary, creating an environment that nurtures a love for dance that lasts a lifetime.

2023 Concert: "Unveiled" Behind the Scenes

2023 Concert: "Unveiled" Behind the Scenes
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2023 Concert: "Unveiled" Behind the Scenes
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2023 Open House

2023 Open House

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2022 Concert: "The Four Seasons"

2022 Concert: "The Four Seasons"

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